DuFlon Design is a design-build company that creates hand-crafted quality functional and decorative objects from wood.  The range of pieces that DuFlon Design produces includes everything from original design carved doors and shutters, cabinetry, tables, chairs, beds and night tables, lamps, jewelry vessels and board games to renditions of traditional Guatemalan art in wood such as saints, angels, armoires, "tableros" (carved relief panels), frames, carved columns, benches and chests and other collectibles.

The company was established in 1987 by artist/architect Jeffrey DuFlon in his childhood home town of Antigua, Guatemala.  The company’s team of master carpenters and artisans work with a combination of traditional hand tools, power tools and industrial machines to translate his designs into unique and lasting works of art.  DuFlon Design woodwork is crafted from cedar, mahogany, cypress and “conacaste” woods that are obtained from sustainable harvest sources in Guatemala.  Both traditional and modern joinery techniques are used to meet design specifications.  Hand-forged custom iron and brass fittings, silver and glasswork are other distinctive design features that DuFlon Design is known for.

DuFlon Design collectibles may be purchased directly from the company’s inventory found in the Santa Chivita Gallery in Antigua on 4th Calle Oriente, No. 23, right next door to the REVUE offices.  If you don’t see what you dream of there or you would like custom pieces, click contact us.  He and the company staff will work with you through the creative process beginning with the design and sizing of each piece and on through the selection of wood type, finishes, carving designs, hand-forged iron and brass fittings, glasswork, and other details you wish to incorporate, including reclaimed architectural elements.

The quality of DuFlon Design work is guaranteed and custom orders are delivered on time.  Our carpenters can travel anywhere in Guatemala to install woodwork.  We can arrange to have the items you purchase shipped to you anywhere in the world.

To see a gallery of woodwork from DuFlon Design, click here.

Working with us

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