The Santa Chivita Gallery displays a collection of wooden furniture and other collectibles, original paintings and photographs, and artwear. The Gallery is located right next door to the REVUE offices in Antigua – we share the stellar blue façade. Our inventory is always changing so stop by to visit.

Santa Chivita Gallery
4a. Calle Oriente No. 23
Antigua, Guatemala
Central America
Hours: Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. till 6:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.
Tel. 832-4613

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If you would like to discuss design ideas for custom woodwork or a particular collectible, email Jeffrey at . Jeffrey will work with you through the creative process beginning with the design and sizing of each piece and on through the selection of wood type, finishes, carving designs, hand-forged iron and brass fittings, glasswork, silverwork, and other details you would like to incorporate.

If you would like to commission an original painting, a mural, faux painting on interior or exterior walls, or have Feng Shui done at your home or work place, email Deborah at .

Please direct other queries and comments to

If you prefer to call, you can telephone us at:

Country code (502) 504-0393, 832-5201 or 832-4613

Naming Santa Chivita

Many people chuckle when they hear the name Santa Chivita and ask us what it means. The short answer is that "Santa" is Spanish for saint or sacred and "Chivita" is the diminutive, affectionate Spanish word for a female goat. The longer answer is that for us Santa Chivita has different layers of meaning. In essence, she symbolizes trust, romance, unity of vision and dedication – to life and to each other. This is how it began …

One sunny afternoon Jeff bought a large rustic carving of a sitting goat with removable horns and tail – made that way to ease being carried on the backs of Guatemalan vendors who come miles from rural areas to sell artisan work in Antigua and Guatemala City. La Santa ChivitaThe goat came to the door and once purchased, found itself a special place on a big windowsill in the single room that was then our "home." Jeff befriended his purchase and affectionately dubbed her "Chivita." Over time, she received an old leather collar with three cow bells, and then one day Wende bought a silver crown from another vendor who also came to the door, knowing we are avid collectors of interesting pieces. Then our goat became "La Santa Chivita," and we revered her as a reminder of our quest to build a long, happy and creative life together.

There is also a more metaphysical layer to Chivita's meaning: The standard depiction of Capricorn is as a creature half goat and half fish. One of us was born under the sign of Capricorn and the other under Pisces. In the book, "As Above, So Below," contemporary astrologer Alan Oken stresses the symbolic difference between the he-goat and the she-goat or mer-goat that Capricorn more truly represents: "The Mer-Goat is a divine creature who possesses the vast riches of the sea and who climbs up onto the land in order to see how these resources can best be used and formed into matter for the inhabitants of the Earth." (pg. 197) Though we are not "divine" and do not have "vast riches," we share the Mer-Goat's passion for creativity and positive human development. Our artistic creativity can be found in our Santa Chivita Gallery and you may read about our association with organizations that work hard for constructive human and community development in our website page titled Our Community

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